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Aimee Tyler-Smith, RD, BEd


Aside from spending my time in the kitchen making delicious food, I love to keep active with fun new workouts, travel to new places, and spend time with my incredible group of friends and family. My passion for food and nutrition stems from growing up as a self-admitted science nerd who over time, began to realize the true power of food and nutrition. I left my career as a high school science teacher to follow my passion as a foodie, hoping to help others build a healthy relationship with food, and inspire them to create a life of wellness! I offer services focused in sport and athletic nutrition, digestive health and special diets for both adolescents and adults, as well as meal prep and planning.

Kaitlyn Thorp-Levitt, Volunteer


I am a fourth year nutrition and dietetics student at Brescia University. Originally from Ottawa, ON, I moved to London, ON three years ago to attend Brescia and follow my love for nutrition. Prior to studying nutrition, I completed a culinary arts program. I have a passion for food and creating meals that make my soul happy. I love learning about nutrition and how food can be medicine to the body. In my spare time I love cooking, travelling and being outdoors. I hope to pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian after graduating university to help others build a healthy relationship with food.

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